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Rain rules for cave seem to be the same as for forest

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The rain intensity, duration, and changing process of cave rain seem to be the same as in forest.Especially in spring,It was still raining one after another,The wetness is rising very fast.Unlike the DS, in the spring the cave will only keep raining lightly.There is not a lot of precipitation in winte.,It snows in the forest, but it still rains in the cave,even though the temperature was below 0 degrees. 

Steps to Reproduce

Observe the rain in the cave and compare it with the rain in the forest.

User Feedback

I'm pretty sure its just a visual thing since caves and surface use a different prefab for how the rain looks.

You can look into weather.lua and caveweather.lua to see the avg rain rates and I believe the following command will show you the intensity of the rain:


Something ablut precipitationrate, I don't rememeber the full command.

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6 hours ago, lakhnish said:


您可以查看weather.lua 和caveweather.lua 以查看平均降雨率,我相信以下命令会显示降雨强度:




thanks. I checked both files and now I'm sure they are the same(Except for the part related to snow).There is no difference at all between surface and cave precipitation rates, upper and lower limits.

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