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rabbit's drawimageoverride does not work

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act.doer should be passed to drawimageoverride instead of act.target, since rabbit's function is meant to measure sanity of the player, not of the sign:

function DrawingTool:GetImageToDraw(target)
    local ent = FindEntityToDraw(target, self.inst)
    if ent == nil then

    local atlas, bgimage, bgatlas
    local image = FunctionOrValue(ent.drawimageoverride, ent, target)
local function drawimageoverride(inst, viewer)
    return IsCrazyGuy(viewer) and "beard_monster"

1859108016_DesktopScreenshot2021_11_11-09_27_48_93.png.cb58814b249ed95ae6273866c408ba21.png 1576145631_DesktopScreenshot2021_11_11-09_28_24_81.png.a5f4529a04ece2062b55e8fdbd6b867a.png

Steps to Reproduce

Draw a Rabbit while insane

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