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Profile Icon not showing and wrong portrait frame

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Whenever and whichever Profile Icon I choose or portrait frames, when connected to any game server, hosted by myself, or by a friend, or by anyone public, I will always have the default grey Profile Icon and a different portrait frame than the one selected.

In this instance, when trying to take a screenshot of the issue, the portrait frame was actually the correct one that was selected, but it tends to differ whenever the game is launched.
The profile icon is always the default grey no matter which was selected.

portrait frame.png

profile icon 3.png

profile icon.png

Steps to Reproduce

Unfortunately I have no idea on how to recreate this for other users, I see that I and maybe couple more people on the forums have this issue. 

User Feedback

Can you try running the following code from the command console.

Press the ~ key when you're on the main menu, and then run these two commands.

Profile.persistdata.customization_items = nil

Hopefully that resolves your issue


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