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Problems with attack speed and the initial attack

mr. brj
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The player's attack speed is never consistent while playing the game. At one time, you can end up landing 7 attacks on a mob before getting hit, and other times, this number might decrease all the way down to 5. This is especially noticable after switching shards, however, this issue is still present even when the player remains in the same shard.


Another issue that has been present since the introduction of mouse-hold mechanics (even though they have been reverted as far as I remember) is that the initial attack the player tries to land tends to miss from time to time. This is an issue especially when trying to fight mobs that are able to kite, such as pigmen, causing the player to either tank or to waste a considerable time trying to kill those mobs.

Steps to Reproduce

Attack a mob, observe the attack speed and/or the initial attack.

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