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Potted Fern Glitch

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First of all, this has only occurred once while playing DTS, but I think it may occur with others. Here's my story.

So I was in plains in around day 8 of a newly generated world on a dedicated server called "Together We Survive", when i noticed at first a strand of grass with black pixels surrounding it, much like the some of the entities in shipwrecked's earlier versions. around the same sight of view i noticed literally every available space, i could "examine potted fern" and upon doing this, the game's screen turns black.

I hope you guys can fix this rare glitch. if i gain evidence that this glitch is indeed real then i will post it immediately. Thank you. 

Steps to Reproduce
I really don't know how this happened or how it can happen to anyone else, but it only happened on the server i was playing on called "Together We Survive"

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