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Polly Roger unable to give items during certain actions

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While digging turf or picking up items it appears polly roger will just keep trying but will be unable to give you items, requiring you to stop what you're doing so he can give them to you. There may be some other actions like attacking that haven't been checked as well.

Reporting this as a bug since when chopping down trees he is able to give you items off the ground so I assume he is supposed to be able to give you items during any action so long as you have free slots.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Equip polly roger hat

2) Dig up turf or pick up turf item while a lot of individual turf pieces are around

3) Polly roger will try to give some turf or other items to you but will be unable to do so until the actions are complete and you don't start a new one during that time

User Feedback

Polly uses the same code that players execute when giving items to other players, so the player cannot be busy at the moment.

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It's still annoying. There are actions the player can do with him still giving you stuff, so it has to be some sort of overlook, otherwise he is ultimately useless during turf digging and while picking up items yourself as well.

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