please help !!! Beebox crashes down server

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I can't built a beebox without having the server crashing down.
This is very annoying, and, it's a bug that was already occuring more than a year ago.
hasn't it been fixed yet? This is really ruining the gaming experience... Bees and honey are important, that's extremely frustrating.
Please help!!!

sorry but i don't seem to find the mdmp file, searched everywhere though

Steps to Reproduce

1 - craft beebox
2 - place beebox
3 - server crashes down

User Feedback


Please help!!!

I assure you that "building a bee box crashes the server" would be noticed pretty quickly if it happened to everyone. I built some a few months ago and had no issues.

Do you have mods enabled? Can you post the server log? (not the mdmp file) Have you tried building a bee box in a new world/other server?

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