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Player Data Lost Upon Re-entry to Public Server

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Server name: DST Vanilla United States 5


Here's what happened.


Played 26 days on this world and disconnected for a few minutes to do something irl. Came back to the server selection screen and noticed that DST Vanilla United States 5 wasn't included in my previously visited servers list. I took off the filter and found the server I was in based on the names of those I was playing with. I joined the server and it had me on the character selection screen. Everyone welcomed me back as they always do on public servers when you have collectively shared time on the same world, so I knew this was the place and it was still day 26.


I had been playing as Wanda and so chose Wanda again and to my surprise I entered the world as Wilson at the spawn point.


No map data, no gear (obviously), and of course no days.


I've never experienced this before nor have I heard of it.


Klei please look into this as it was quite devastating to my psyche :'''(


This happened on November 9 at around 10:40 am MST in DST Vanilla United States 5.


Chester was left abandoned south-west of spawn(ish) to mark the place I was when I originally disconnected.


That poor lonely boy.


I weep for him.


I weep for my time (get it?).


Be if you're reading this I hope you're having a swell day.

Steps to Reproduce

Ibid (for you college lads)

User Feedback

Sounds like that this bug occurred to you. If you have a client and/or server log of when it happened, maybe it could be helpful:


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