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Pirate Stash Concerning Behavior [Important?]

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It seems that in the recent Winters Feast update, there was a stealth change to how Pirate Stashes function. This isn't listed in any patch notes I could find.

They now currently hold a max of 20 flat items and will delete their oldest as new items take their place. The only exception seems to be irreplaceables, but still, very important items can very easily be deleted by clutter such as seeds and random items from the Monkey Portal.


As proof I've placed two Scaled Chests full of both Green Moonlens and Tallbird eggs.
I let the monkeys steal the entire moonlens chest, and then the egg one.

Digging up the stash only returns me what's pictured. There is no other stash on the map, either.

Steps to Reproduce

Have a monkey steal your important items, let them idly collect clutter items, dug up the stash and notice the clutter takes up most of the remians.

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User Feedback

I stuffed another stash FULL of important items such as Enlightened Crowns and then gave them 20 Ashleys.

All of those other items are simply gone.

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