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Pigmen hates me

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So um, I have fed a Pigman 3 Monster Jerky and it was Attacking a Beefao I caged but did not tame it enough

Anyway it was spring and its butt was red so it attacked the pigman

Then the pigman died and dropped Pig skin and 2 Monster Jerky, then there is another pig was attacking it but both pigs (this one and the one earlier) Refused to eat the Last monster Jerky and was Putting their hands infront of their face like "No"

Anyway that other pig turned into a were pig without I even give him the Last meat (or maybe I did but I ran away from it and it turned after a while, it was fine after the 4 Monster Jerky tho) and when I killed him, he dropped My Monster meat and No Pig skin or Meat!!

I am sure of what I saw.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Make the Pigman fight a Beefalo during Spring. 2. Feed him 3 Monster meat and he will refuse to eat the Last One because he is Busy Fighting, He will not even follow you or Protect you 3. You might get lucky and He eats the Last Piece of Meat and Turns into a werepig but I am not sure how to make him drop Monster meat instead of Pig skin and Meat, sorry :(

User Feedback

You were feeding him too fast. Some mobs have hunger meters, he was full. Just wait a sec


also they wont starve

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