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Pick/Axe efficiency coded poorly.

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Pick/axe is coded as 1.33 efficiency instead of 4/3 (or even just 1.34 if you prefer decimals like a monster).


As a result, When Wolfgang uses it he actually gets fewer uses out of it than other survivors as it ends up in a lot of awkward breakpoints thus wasting more durability. 


Example: standard survivor can swing pick/axe 267 times and breaks a thul statue in 7 hits. Thus breaking 38.2 thul statues.


Wolfgang can swing pick/axe 178 times and breaks a thul statue in 6 hits. Thus breaking 29.7 thul statues.


Result: Other survivors are nearly 30% more efficient at using the pick/axe when compared to Wolfgang.


If pick/axe were changed to 4/3 other survivors would be entirely unaffected, but Wolfgang's math would change to as follows:


178 swings and breaking a statue in 5 hits. Thus allowing him to 35 statues with 3 swings or 13.5 durability left over. A mere 6% more than a standard survivor and thus much closer in line than a 30% nerf. 


Another example: 


On standard boulders Wolfgang currently needs 4 swings with a pick/axe and... 4 hits with a standard pickaxe. So no upgrade at all with a ruins tier item. Standard survivors get 1 swing off boulders with pick/axe going to 5 from 6 with a normal tool. Again, changing to 4/3s would fix this and "buff" Wolfgang to 3 hit boulders thus saving an equivalent 1 swing. 


Math to show his inefficiency again:


Standard survivor can break 53.4 boulders with a pick/axe. Wolfgang currently can only break 35.6. Thus representing an unintentional and frankly astounding 50% nerf to Wolfgang with a ruins tier item.

By changing to 4/3, the math changes to Wolf breaking 59.3 boulders, a mere 10% buff and again, much more in line with what other survivors are getting. 




Basically, Wolfgang is wasting more ruins loot by using it far less efficiently than other teammates because a number is roughly 0.01 lower than it should be. If the intention as stated on his rework is that he uses tools faster but gets the same efficiency out of them as other survivors (so Woodie and Max are still better) then pick/axe misses that brief entirely. Please fix.


Thanks in advance,




EDIT: Messed up the math I did at midnight, it's even worse than previously states as standard survivors break ancient statues in 7 swings not 8. This means Wolf is 30% weaker on those and 50% weaker on boulders. Massive nerfs for anything you'd mine with pick/axe. 

Steps to Reproduce

Use pick/axe as Wolfgang


Realize it's coded as 1.33 instead of 4/3 thus making Wolfgang 34 and 50% weaker than standard survivors.


Be really sad that pick/axe is useless. 

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