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Pause not working on dedicated server

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I keep some DST servers. Me and my customers noticed a very annoying problem. We cannot pause the game using the console of a dedicated server, which sometimes makes it very difficult to pause the world at the time.

Please, klei, fix that. I need this function ;(



Steps to Reproduce
  1. Launch DST and launch dedicated server (console)
  2. Then find and join your server
  3. Try to pause it via ingame console (It will pause game properly)
  4. Try to pause it via dedicated console (It won't pause game but all client will get mention that game paused (but it's not)

User Feedback

Thanks for the bug report, at the current time we require a server admin to be present for server pausing to be allowed.
That being said, we have fixed the bug causing the game to improperly say its paused when it isn't.

Changed Status to Closed

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