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  1. I keep some DST servers. Me and my customers noticed a very annoying problem. We cannot pause the game using the console of a dedicated server, which sometimes makes it very difficult to pause the world at the time. Please, klei, fix that. I need this function ;(
  2. The developer wrote that they fixed the problem, but it is not. New log files are attached. server_log(caves).txt server_log(master).txt
  3. The problem has not disappeared even after the updates.
  4. I tried to completely delete the server and turn off all the mods, it did not help.
  5. After the last update, the server does not work. Log files are attached. This problem is noticed on the servers under Linux OS. On Windows starts without problems. I would be gratefull if you solve the problem. server_log(master).txt server_log(caves).txt
  6. Same problem. I think this is due to the latest update.