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Ocean Fish unable to move near Ocean Trawler

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When you put down an Ocean Trawler, fill it with some seeds, then lower it, sometimes the Ocean Fishes do a little splash animation + sound near trawler and then freeze in place, unable to move or act.

It occurs as soon as the fishes start approaching slowly to the trawler while "wandering around", until they come closer and closer.

Lifting trawler up, removing bait, emptying/filling the net, and lowering it did nothing, the fishes still remained immobile.




Steps to Reproduce

1.) Put down an Ocean Trawler near existing school of fish nearby, and fill it with 1-3 seeds. Lower the net.
2.) Wait for fish to approach the trawler.
3.) Carefully watch all of the fish: some of them get caught, and some other freeze in place.

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