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NPC Glitch

Alchemy Engine
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So, I was playing as webber and as usual, pigmen would rush and spank me to death because I was a spider. I got bored after a while, and exited and decided to play as wolfgang. When I got back to the pig village as wolfgang, they were all still hostile. 

I did what I always say I do, I exited and then rejoined, still got attacked. Tryed a new server, still got attacked, even on a friends server, I got attacked. 

I logged of steam and got the game up exited out and got it back up, and still, they would still attack me.

Can you fix this.

And John, I'm not using mods, trust ya home slice bread slice.

Steps to Reproduce
I was just webber and I was running around the pig village, quit, and became Wolfgang, and still happened. One of my friends tried and he couldn't get the same glitch as me.
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