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nonexistent herd keeps making baby beefalo

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There's this one herd in my world that seems to have no more beefalos in it, yet it keeps creating new beefalos in its place. Not sure if this is a bug or not but I thought I would report it anyway, since it was strange to see.

Steps to Reproduce

I wanted to move the herd, so I killed most of the beefalos except one, then telelocated it far away to where I wanted it to be, but it didnt make any more beefalos, although it was spring and it was in heat, so i killed it. When I went back I saw that a baby beefalo spawned where the herd originally was and with no other beefalos near it.

User Feedback

The problem you did was telelocating the last beefalo. 
If you want to change the herd point you need to use a beefalo horn and lure it to your desired spot. 
When you had telelocated your beefalo, that beefalo is now trying to walk to its original herd point (due to being too far out of its home) to before you telelocated.

Herd entities do not spawn where the parent is but instead where the herd point is. That is why there was a baby beefalo where the original beefalo was at pre-telelocated.


Edit: The herd point is mostly detectable during Dusk as Herd entities (Beefalo, Volt Goats, Mooslings, etc) crowd among themselves in a single spot. Think of it as an invisible pole with invisible leashes on every single entity that's attached to the herd point. If they walk too far from the herd point, they are forced to walk closer to it (and prevents the herd point from updating). During Dusk, the range of which they are able to walk away from the herd point is decreased (and expands again when Daylight hits)

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