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No Grass

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Dont starve together day two and still no grass anywhere not even around beefalo  have to log out so i dont die in the dark as i cant light fire :(

Steps to Reproduce
started a new game with librarian reign of giants turned off - just havent founbf any not one piece of grass

User Feedback

are there any grass-geckos around? sometimes certain natural objects cancel each other out

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was only  day two and i havent looked too far (just ran around as far and fast as you can in two days) but not one blade of grass on the prairie where beefalo are nor, on any of the grasslands i have been through and nothing in the forest i passed by either - doesnt matter anyways died cause i didnt log out fast enough when it got dark - couldnt light a torch :)Thanks for answering tho :) Only ever happened that once

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