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Jack the hobo
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During the Christmas break I played a lot of DST with my friends and managed to play around 50 hours in two weeks. I was mostly playing with the same 3-4 persons all the time, if it matters, but I don't think it does? Anyways, as we kept playing, my friends kept receiving gifts while i didn't receive anything in my 2 weeks playing. I don't know if there is something to do so i could receive gifts myself, but it would be appreciated!

Thank you and happy new year!

Steps to Reproduce
I really don't know what to right. I was either hosting a server or playing in a server hosted by one of my friends. Also, i did play the first 20 hours or so without mods and the last 30 hours with some mods activated.

User Feedback

Thanks for reporting this. I checked your account @Jack the hobo and it looks like you earned 1 item in each of the last two weeks, but if you've been on for 50 hours you certainly should have got more. My suspicion is intermittent connectivity problems trying to talk to our servers. Have you noticed any problems with receiving your inventory when you log in, or any long delay in logging in?

Make sure you're playing in an online world, as you can't earn gifts while in an offline world.

Next time you're playing and are failing to receive gifts. Try visiting this page https://items.kleientertainment.com/HealthCheck
You should be getting an "OK" response. Try this multiple times while hitting Shift + F5.

In the mean time I'm going to add some more logs to the game so we can track down the specific cause of the problem you're having.

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@Jack the hobo @Campoi @camilogar

Can you try running the following command in a Powershell window next time you're playing the game and not receiving items.

while($true) { (wget https://items.kleientertainment.com/HealthCheck | Out-File -Append klei_item_test.txt); (sleep -s 30) }

It will generate a file named klei_item_test.txt, that will have a bunch of information for us about your ability to connect to our servers. Just let it run while you're playing and if you fail to be getting items, close the window and send us the generated file.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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I have the same problem. During the Forge Event everything was fine. I got gifts in the Forge and in the normal words, but when it ended I havent received any gifts. I love plaiyng this game. I spent since then so much time without any gift.

Please help me as soon as possible.

I will be really grateful.



PS: nevermind the way with website with "ok" and pressing shift + F5 helped



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problem solved

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