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My goats are glitched onto the water.

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I have multiple goat herds that I have penned up against the edge of the map, and recently two of the herds have all but 1 (5) of the goats out jumping around on the water, and I can't get them back. Perhaps something that makes them fall in and come back to shore would fix it, but it's happening with my other herds bit by bit too.

Steps to Reproduce

Pen the goats against the edge of the map, medium sized pen. Kill all but one of each herd. Occasionally when they respawn they will be on the water instead of in the pen. It happens after farming them for a little bit.

User Feedback

You should move your herd away before it happens. For the ones that are already on ocean, either kill them or teleport them with Telelocator Staff.

Try to make new pens deeper in land.

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