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My game keeps crashing when...

Some Locker Nom
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My game keeps crashing when i log in and click on "Mods" or "Host Game" if i join a server it goes fine, i checked the website for what to do when my game keeps crashing and there was nothing wrong with my computer. When i click "Host game" or "Mods" my game goes into a blackscreen with the music still playing and then the music stops and my game closes. I tried verifying the integrity of game files and uninstalling and installing again.

Steps to Reproduce
I don't even know how this happened. I Click "Mods" or "Host game" and my game crashes.

User Feedback

@Some Locker Nom, hello welcome to the forums. Completely based on what you just said it seems like the game is crashing due to corrupted mod files. The game accesses mod files when you view Host Game screen or Mods Screen, so I suggest manually deleting the mod files.

Follow instructions below:

  • Close DST
  • Go to Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods
  • Delete all folders called "workshop-###"
  • Open DST

You can also just move all the "workshop-###" files away from that default folder so DST doesn't access, if you are hesitant on deleting files. If it still crashes for you. Then you should attach a copy of your client_log.txt file to this bug report, just attach the whole client_log.txt file by drag dropping it into the text editor window when you make a reply to this bug report.

For client_log.txt:

  • After letting DST crash again
  • Close DST
  • Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether
  • Drag drop client_log.txt to your next reply

Just to be safe, unsubscribe from mods from the Steam Workshop before you open DST again after deleting files. Unsubscribe from the latest mod you subscribed to, which I reckon caused DST to crash for you.

Good luck, cheers.

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