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My Game Crashes When Dressing Up Beefalo

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Game runs totally fine except for when I try to dress up my beefalo at the grooming station. I click "Dress Up", and a few seconds later I lose connection to the server. I have the problem whether or not I am using mods. The problem started mid-game. I had done it before successfully, and my beefalo got killed, so I tamed a new one, but when I went to dress it up the game crashed, and every subsequent attempt has also lead to a crash.

Any help for this?

Steps to Reproduce

1. When a beefalo is hitched to the grooming station, right click to "Dress Up"

User Feedback

Just tried destroying the old grooming station and building a new one, just in case it was linked to the dead beefalo somehow, but no. Still crashes.

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