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  1. So Warly isn't able to cook his special foods in a normal crockpot?
  2. I have a custom character with some custom crockpot recipes, but if I have her mod enabled anyone is able to cook them. How do I make it so only she can cook them? (I think it has to do with tags, but I don't know how to apply that to a crockpot recipe like you can to a regular crafting recipe). I've looked at Warly and his exclusive recipes. They all have the tag "masterfood", and he has three tags, one of which is "masterchef", but I don't see where the two are connected. Like, I don't see any code that says "masterfood" can only be cooked by "masterchef".
  3. I was kinda counting the 1/27 one as the February one, though you are technically right. And also kinda meaning that the one for the YotC is already expired, even though the event isn't over. I had too much going through my head at the time. Sorry.
  4. Just tried destroying the old grooming station and building a new one, just in case it was linked to the dead beefalo somehow, but no. Still crashes.
  5. Game runs totally fine except for when I try to dress up my beefalo at the grooming station. I click "Dress Up", and a few seconds later I lose connection to the server. I have the problem whether or not I am using mods. The problem started mid-game. I had done it before successfully, and my beefalo got killed, so I tamed a new one, but when I went to dress it up the game crashed, and every subsequent attempt has also lead to a crash. Any help for this?
  6. I wish the links would last longer. The February one is already expired and the month isn't even over yet :/
  7. Hi guys, It cannot be stressed how new to modding I am. This is literally my first day, so please be kind. >.< I have a custom character I downloaded off of the steam workshop that I really love, but I'd like to make a few tweaks to her. A. She's a mini bee queen, so when she moves, I'd prefer it if it could play the bee buzzing sound, instead of the footstep sound. I also wish she didn't bounce up and down so much while moving, but I think that would take animation skills that are beyond my scope. So, is there a way to make the game play the bee sound, rather than the footstep sound when she moves? (And just for her. I don't want all the other characters to buzz when walking). B. I want to give her two extra perks: 1. I want all bees to be neutral to her, including killer bees, and aggressive spring bees. So, not possible to be attacked by bees, even if she attacks/kills them first. 2. I want eating royal jelly to restore her hunger/sanity/health to 100% 3. This isn't really a perk request, but how do I change what shows up under the "Enters The Constant With" heading? I don't see where in the files that comes up. She comes with the Bundling Wrap recipe, and I'd like it to reflect that. Problem I am having and would really appreciate help with: I have edited her speech in the Scripts folder to make it more bee-like, but when I load into the game and play, her speech is the same as before. None of the new lines I wrote show up. (Ex. for spiders, she's supposed to say "I'm going to sting you dead" instead of "I'm going to stomp you dead", but I just encountered a spider, and she still says "stomp". How is this possible?