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My Bee Queen gave birth to two frozen Grumble Bees

mr. brj
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So my world has Bee Queen very close to two Walrus Camps, and when winter started the hunting party targeted the Grumbles Bees during phase 2. One of the Ice Hounds died, froze some Grumble Bees, and I guess either MacTusk or the other Ice Houns killed enough grumble bees for Bee Queen to summon a fresh pack. After the summon though, 2 bees came frozen solid out of Bee Queen. I had the previously frozen bees 1-2 screens away from where I was if this helps.

Steps to Reproduce

Summon Bee Queen, have some Grumble Bees aggro to an Ice Hound, let them kill the Ice Hound and get frozen, (walk away?), get some Grumble Bees killed so Bee Queen summons a new group, have Bee Queen summon some freshly frozen Grumble Bees

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