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Mushrooms won't regrow naturally (undug mushrooms)

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Past day 2800, mushrooms that are naturally occurring won't grow back from being picked. The hole (of where the mushroom grows from) still remains and hasn't been dug up by a shovel, but the mushroom won't grow back. This occurs with red, green & blue caps. Note that in the world settings, all regrowth options are set to very fast & that before day 2800, mushrooms were growing normally. Another note that I'm experiencing this issue over Xbox series X.

Steps to Reproduce

So far as I know, this issue with mushrooms regrowing occurred randomly (past day 2800 on my world). I've tried restarting my game, hard resetting my xbox and by playing for many days latter, the mushrooms (that are not dug up), won't regrow. Note that in my world generation settings, mushrooms are set to default. Also for some reason, Microsoft edge won't allow me to attach screenshots related to this issue. 

User Feedback

mushrooms regrowth after it rains, if you picked up those mushrooms and it didn't rain yet in that world the mushrooms will not regrowth 

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