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Moose/Goose isn't taking damage

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I'm frustrated by an issue I have where Moose/Goose doesnt register swings that I hit on her. This isn't occuring all the time but instead is happening for about 5 mins before I'm suddenly able to damage her again. I know that I'm not missing swings because I'm getting the full swing animation several times before running away. My tentacle spike doesn't lose any durablity and I can't damage the moose/goose. It's worth noting that other mobs are able to damage her still, but I can't. This problem is really frustrating and I'd love if I could have some help solving it. Thanks.

Steps to Reproduce
Fight the Moose/Goose with a tentacle spike (wearing log armour)

User Feedback

If you have lag compensation set to predictive, I recommend setting it to None. It's a known issue where your hits won't register w/ lag compensation set to predictive @mirpcow

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