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Moon island filter color bug with Maxwell

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I was a playing as maxwell, I had multiple pickaxe puppets, when they went to a lunar spider den, they start mining it and around of 4 spiders appeared and killed one of my puppets with their shard, after that, the filter of the screen seemedchenge the filter when you are in the main land, but when I made another puppet to replace the one who died, the filter changed again to the lunar island filter but looking as if my sanity was at 100% (when I had a sanity penalty of 60%)

 The filter also used to change when a glast hitted me

Steps to Reproduce

Play as maxwell and go to the lunar island with gear to make puppets

let any mob kill your puppet and then the filter will change

also glast does change the filter after done that stuff from above

User Feedback

Doesn't seem to be a bug, might be a feature. Otherwise Maxwell can cheese lunar island high sanity penalty by always having his minions. You should get max enlightment effects whenever your current sanity pool is at 100% regarldless of the cap. So if you're capped at 60%, 60% is now 100% in terms of lunacy. (side note: they should really stick to the term "lunacy", it makes much more sense than enlightment)

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