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  1. When I took my chester ( with the nightmare fuel upgrade and goat skin ) and both of us ride the boat, chester started to move in circles and push me to the corner of the boat. that until I gave him the eyeball and he become quiet. maybe the issue of this is because an error ocurred by the new movement of the new boat using Malbatross Mast
  2. I was a playing as maxwell, I had multiple pickaxe puppets, when they went to a lunar spider den, they start mining it and around of 4 spiders appeared and killed one of my puppets with their shard, after that, the filter of the screen seemedchenge the filter when you are in the main land, but when I made another puppet to replace the one who died, the filter changed again to the lunar island filter but looking as if my sanity was at 100% (when I had a sanity penalty of 60%) The filter also used to change when a glast hitted me