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Moon Glass Axe Set Piece on Lunar Islands does not generate as "Lunar Island" turf

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As title describes. I found this out when noticing a set piece (which had spawned on the edge of the island, which it should not be doing) being basically like a tacked on piece of land to the lunar islands. When walking on it, the enlightenment status goes away from the Sanity meter, and all lunar effects from the island turn off. See attached video below 

NOTE: this video comes from a modded server, DST Australia Endless Monthly running one mod (the Craftable Slot Machines mod), but that does not appear to have caused/affected the bug at all whatsoever. 

Steps to Reproduce

Have a lunar islands set piece spawn on the edge of the ocean, and simply walk on it. 

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User Feedback

I have seen this! I don't know if its connected to that setpiece or not, but I was not running the craftable slot machines mod, and can confirm that it still happens

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