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Moon Caller's Staff magically disappears

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This has happened to me twice. First time it disappeared when I was in the AG Labyrinth, second time I left it on the ground while fighting Celestial Champion and came back for it after like 4 days and it wasn't there. Only server mod used is Triple MacTusk, client mods include ActionQueue Reborn, Combined Status, Aerial View, Geometric Drop, Geometric Placement and Snapping Tills.

Steps to Reproduce

Get the moon caller staff to stay in your inventory or either drop it on the ground.

User Feedback

20 hours ago, Leonidas IV said:

Celestial Champion spawn meteors, and these can destroy dropped items.
Same for AG's pillar pieces.

I was not fighting AG when it disappeared, I was going through his labyrinth, but the Celestial Champion one seems like a possible occurrence though.

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