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  1. I leave for some minutes and when I come back, 3 crockpots and an ice box destroyed, one scaled furnace destroyed, one tree surrounded by twig saplings is just destroyed, my alchemy engine placed further from the destroyed structures also destroyed,my gears are gone completely. I go to check maybe Deerclops spawned and no sign of him since it just turned winter. Pengulls spawned as I was hopping on my boat but no pengull camp is shown on the map. EDIT: I rollbacked and teleported to base with my watch and it seems Deerclops DID spawn I just didn't get the message because bugs.
  2. I was not fighting AG when it disappeared, I was going through his labyrinth, but the Celestial Champion one seems like a possible occurrence though.
  3. This has happened to me twice. First time it disappeared when I was in the AG Labyrinth, second time I left it on the ground while fighting Celestial Champion and came back for it after like 4 days and it wasn't there. Only server mod used is Triple MacTusk, client mods include ActionQueue Reborn, Combined Status, Aerial View, Geometric Drop, Geometric Placement and Snapping Tills.
  4. Another thing to add that I just absolutely hate: the spawning of the Celestial Orb, day 120 and no Celestial Orb, all I need to kill the Celestial Champion is this ******* thing. Also, I found myself to agree on some parts and still stick to others but in conclusion, rng is bad in some areas, mainly when you are prepared to do something you have set out to do but are missing one thing because rng has not blessed you yet, basically holding you back because you are not lucky but are prepared to do said task, in these types of cases rng can go eat a big one <3.
  5. I think my ass should get kicked for not handling those types of situations well, like not being able to kill those hounds etc. Let's say I want to fight Klaus and I can fight him, I have practiced him, I have everything ready, but I am searching for the deer, it would be pretty unfair that the only thing holding me back would be that, but I do get your point and that would certainly be a good way to look at it Agreed, but in some areas I would not prefer as much randomness. I have changed some things about the world settings, mainly just getting more resources to spawn like grass, twigs etc. But it is a little hard for me to not consider that cheating even though the game doesn't care in the least bit xd As for Wanda rushing the ruins, it's more action-packed let's say
  6. Alright, first of all, I am writing this as a result to my salt levels reaching an all time high, but I also wanted to share my thoughts about this topic and get it out of the way. The game can be fun and all that, but because of the sheer randomness and the punishment you get for not being lucky enough to get x thing in your world in that specific time can either make or break your world, this is more or less leaning towards boss rushes but I think that some of it might apply to other ways of playing, so feel free to disagree, I don't intend to create any heated arguments, I just want to express myself. This is all from personal experience, so I have some very specific examples to back up my claim. I'm playing Wanda and I want to rush the ruins in autumn and I need marble to make my alarming clock and another ageless watch, while gathering materials I am also searching for marble sculptures, more than half of the world is explored, tough luck buddy, seems that the clock is ticking and you still haven't found your precious marble, looks like you will have to rely on the earthquakes to drop your marble, or just restart the world. I make another world, I find the marble, but tough luck again, no moleworms to be found. Okay, I make ANOTHER world and I find everything and I go to ruins, what I get as a reward is the smallest ruins branches. Let's say in another run, I don't get enough gems for the full setup. Okay, get that out of the way, and it is winter and I want to fight Klaus while also prepping for BQ, Deerclops and moving the suspicious marble pieces but again, tough luck, no deer to be found because their movement is so ******* random and the map doesn't show the deer so I have to spend precious time to find them and maybe I won't even since I searched for them in the biomes they are intended to appear in. I fight shadow pieces and some spiders aggro one of them and that piece despawns so I have to wait 20 days to even attempt this fight again and maybe something else will happen that will interrupt the fight and cause me to wait 20 MORE days, ah, such fun. Maybe I want to do my pearl tasks but I can't seem to find one salt formation or whoever knows what I am looking for in the sea. Okay, I did everything intended, and I start to make my mega base and it is exactly near a meteor field, guess I have to make another world and repeat the same stuff again and again until finally the gods bless me with a normal world. This could go on forever because there are many more instances of rng screwing my play time, and also others. With all of this said, rng sucks in this game, I know it might not be a big deal, yes I know I am salty rn and I wish you a good day <33.
  7. I was catching some bees and shortly after I noticed that they simply disappeared out of my inventory.
  8. When opening the loot stash with Klaus' special key, it disappears without giving the bundles.
  9. After exiting the world, when you enter again any creatures that had a loyalty meter will act like they aren't loyal you until you feed them again. The loyalty meter doesn't go to 0, but they act like it does.