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Molehill fails to spawn in the rockylands ("Mole Colony Rocks") optional task.

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Here's a long running "bug" that I'm not sure has been addressed before. But according to the code, the "Mole Colony Rocks" optional task has a room "Molesvillerocky" which contains molehills under the distributeprefabs area. However, molehills cannot spawn on the "ROCKY" terrain, so they fail to spawn each time the room is generated when the "Mole Colony Rocks" optional task is picked for generation.


Just an interesting issue that's been around for about as long as I can remember, not sure if this should be considered a bug or not since it's been here for so long. Would be interesting to see what your opinions on this are, I guess. 

Here's some images of the code from the game: The first is "scripts\map\tasks\forest.lua", then "scripts\map\rooms\forest\terrain_rocky.lua", and finally "scripts\map\terrain.lua".

















Steps to Reproduce

Generation of a "Mole Colony Rocks" task will not spawn any molehills.

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User Feedback

The same bug also happen in mushrooms in the Squeltch and grass in the Badlands. They don't seem ready to fix that.

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Yeah, I was actually asked by a member from a discord I was in to report it simply to see what they'd react to it with....

Stuff like this has been around for a while, I figure this post *most likely* will just go untouched since it's not a blazing priority right now, even if the fix is as simple as editing a single line of code. (From the coding end, I'm aware it takes a bit more to get it pushed etc etc)

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