Mods are all constantly need to be updated and they do not work at all. All of them.

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:/ All my mods don't work and they also are all like this. I don't know what's wrong. At first it was only a few mods, but when I put cleaning my mods then now it became like this. Is there a fix?

2020-07-20 (2).png

Steps to Reproduce

Use the clean up mods option.

Press update mods.

User Feedback


I tried to uninstall DST and reinstall it. It is stuck at 100% and constantly paused. Whenever I click resume, it shows 100% again and then goes back to being paused.



I'm really sad about this. My old worlds were laggy and unplayable because of the addition of the seas, and now DST itself is just not working, with or without my mods. I have spend 1.2k hours on this game and bought many skins, it's been a nice run and maybe it's time for me to leave DST if the game itself just doesn't want to be played and constantly has all these errors.

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On 7/21/2020 at 3:14 AM, PeterA said:

I believe this is a bug in Steam itself. You may want to try some of these steps to see if it helps resolve your issue.

Thank you, it fixed the download one but my mods are still all dead and the update icon is still there even after I press update. I'm guessing the new updates rendered my mods unusable or something :/

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