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Mobs will target Maxwell when attacked by a Duelist

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I’ve experienced this with numerous mobs and the majority of bosses. Easiest example to reproduce is a bishop. Summon a few duelists and wait for them to attack. The bishop will usually go straight for Maxwell.

You can also see this with BeeQueen. While duelists are wailing on her, BeeQueen will continue to target the player. With Antlion vs Duelists, around 50% of the sand spikes will target Maxwell, even if he is not fighting.

This also may not be specific to Maxwell. If Dfly gets attacked by any mob they will target the player after dispatching the attacker.

Steps to Reproduce

Summon duelists.

Have the duelists attack a high HP mob such as a bishop or cave spider.

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User Feedback

The Duelists are designed to forward their targets to Maxwell when they get hit or do a lunge attack.

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Fair enough. It seems odd behavior for a mob to completely ignore an attacker but if that’s the intent, so be it. Thanks for reply.

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