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Merm Prince's name shows up as "Merm", not "Royal-In-Progress"

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Merm that become princes of the throne are supposed to have their named changed to "Royal-In-Progress". However this only works on forest-only worlds(aka one shard worlds) to the host, as the change in name only takes effect on the server side in mermkingmanager.lua

function MermKingManager:ShouldGoToThrone(merm, throne)
	if throne ~= nil and self:IsThroneValid(throne) then
		if self:GetKing() == nil and (self:GetCandidate(throne) == nil or self:IsThroneCandidate(merm, throne)) then
			if self:GetCandidate(throne) == nil then
				self.candidates[throne] = merm
				merm.nameoverride = "MERM_PRINCE"
                self.inst:ListenForEvent("onremove", OnCandidateRemoved, merm)
				self.inst:ListenForEvent("death", OnCandidateRemoved, merm)
			return true

	return false

It would likely be better to define a displaynamefn function and then add/remove a tag when the Merm should inherit the name

local function DisplayNameFn(inst)
	return inst:HasTag("mermprince") and STRINGS.NAMES.MERM_PRINCE or nil

inst.displaynamefn = DisplayNameFn


Steps to Reproduce

1. Crown a merm on a one shard world
2. Notice the name change is working as properly
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on a forest + caves world
4. Notice the name change is NOT working properly.

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