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Meat effigy bug during the resurrection process in caves(dedicated server)

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This bug with meat effigy occurs only in caves' shard. Every time when i die in the ruins, press on the effigy badge and get resurrected in my cave base far from the ruins (safe place) but game always gets frozen and all i see is darkness in game window, i begin clicking mouse buttons and game screen turns pale like when any program stops responding, while all this is happening, my character (Maxwell) is being molested by Charlie (dies by darkness) so i literally waste meat effigies. Today happend next: there were no life giving amulets lying on the ground in my cave mini-camp, there was 1 touch stone not far from it which i already used once when came across this bug in this world. So today when i was killed by shadow splumonkeys, this bug hit me again, i began rushly searching for another unused touch stone (altar), luckily there was 1 in swampy terrain, it was winter and when i was resurrected it began raining :biggrin-new: and funny thing that i forgot about my prebuilt meat effigy when was running back to the camp. I attached some screenshots of this little adventure)) For now i will build meat affigy near any permanent or sustained sources of light wich have decent light radius to cover the effigy (e.g. fugu hutch with glow berry inside, mushlight, glowcap or light flowers).

EDIT: This bug also occurs in the Forest world (Master shard).


[Here goes a temporary solution to my recent bug report named Dedicated server "self-regen" issue when the last player dies and leaves it as ghost. It can be helpfull only when the host of the server is in game. When the single player or host dies playing solo, host needs just enter c_shutdown() command fast in each shard window before it will begin world regeneration,  then launch the server again and you will have 180 sec instead of 120 in the world's resetting counter. And most crucially your dedicated server won't begin regenerating the world itself when server is empty.]











I use OS Windows 7 Maximum edition.

Mods i use: Geometric placement and Instant drop.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start dedicated server; 2.Enter the caves; 3.Build meat effigy near any cave entrance; 4.Die in ruins (for example by shadow splumonkeys); 5. Press on the meat effigy badge.

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