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  1. Dark souls of our childhood xD

    1. minespatch




    1. DragonMage156


      Not sure if I saw this already or not but still very nice :encouragement:

    2. sealedpenumbra


      You saw this in Porkland estate Discord server :distracted: I posted it in music channel :sure:

  3. Thank you Klei , appreciate your creativity and efforts put into every work you do
  4. I'm being a pigman myself wouldn't be able to resist hugging such Webber of Fortie, snort
  5. I can confirm too, I still witness such bug once in a while. Stumps, logs and pine cones disappear eventually if i just leave them lying on the ground (in caves) at first partially and then completely. Also i remember how several stacks of charcoal disappeared from chest (in caves).
  6. I love your profile banner <3

    1. sealedpenumbra


      Thanks) Here it's full size, it's from my favorite Courage the cowardly dog show





    2. ImDaMisterL


      That was a great show, I miss it

  7. If i'm in game it's more than likely that i made a server with pass "oink" xD
  8. EDIT 2: It happened during scorpions' wave when Wickerbottom dropped staff near the edge, took petrifying tome, petrified all scorpions and Wolfgang used alternative hammer attack which pushed staff out of bounds.
  9. Yes, @NightWonder7, feel free also to join our friendly No-Eyed-Deer herd discord server . Here is the link to my Steam profile
  10. Oh wow, i love these ink changes and stylish hair setting with overtones... It reminded me of Woodie's Guest of Honor skin's description: "Woodie puts bear fat in his hair when he goes out" xD
  11. I bet in this picture Chester is filled with fragrant rosebuds