Masts sinking effects do not appear.

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Masts unfortunately seem to no longer have their sinking effect when the boat they are on is destroyed.

function Mast:OnRemoveEntity()
	local mast_sinking

	if self.boat ~= nil and self.sink_fx ~= nil then
		mast_sinking = SpawnPrefab(self.sink_fx)
        mast_sinking = SpawnPrefab("collapse_small")

	if mast_sinking ~= nil then
		local x_pos, y_pos, z_pos = self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()
		mast_sinking.Transform:SetPosition(x_pos, y_pos, z_pos)

    if self ~= nil then

This is likely because self.boat becomes nil when the boat is destroyed, and so, the collapse_small prefab spawns.

self.OnBoatRemoved = function() self.boat = nil end


Steps to Reproduce

1. Destroy a boat with masts on it
2. Notice there are no sink effects from the masts.

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