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Marble sculptures

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So, I have started play with my friends, after 450 days we decided to fix marble sculptures and fight with shadows sculptures, we found 3 heads of marble knight, and also we found one part of castle, and the issue is we don’t have a head of bishop, we checked all map(surface) and moon island.Know we are trying to find it at underground, but is it possible to get it from underground? And we have already found a labyrinth, and 3 ancient craft-tables, so we have already explored 2/4 of all underground, and if it exist underground, can I take it and go outside? Will it stay underground? 


Steps to Reproduce

I was playing with my friend, we were swimming on the ship by all map, we found 4 parts, 3 heads of marble knight(horse) and then 1 part of marble castle, we discovered that we have 3 heads marble knight(3 sculptures) 1 broken marble castle(sculpture) and 1 broken marble bishop(sculpture) that we can’t fix because we can’t find his part

User Feedback

It doesnt spawn in caves, lunar Island, neither another biome on the ocean, but some troll can sink it in the ocean XD

You can search again in the surface, or you can use the command c_gonext("sculpture_bishophead")

This command will teleport your character to the bishop head.

Note: this command also work if the bishop head is sinked.

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