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Magicians top hat inventory slots empty completely after exiting cave enterance

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I was playin Maxwell left the caves went to my base to sort the loot and my top hat was empty I roled it back and each time i exited the caves my top hat inventory would just empty all the loot had been disappeared vanished even i had 12 slots full of loot and then nothing had to go back empty it first and then i could keep the loot i got mgptsd (magicians top hat post traumatic stress disorder) bro i will never be the same

Steps to Reproduce

1 get a top hat

2 put stuff in it

3 go to caves

4 check top hat

5 exit caves

6 check top hat

User Feedback

The inventory of the magic tophat is not the same between the surface and the caves. You should still be able to access your items while you are in the caves.

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