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[macOS dedicated server] game not listed in lobby (SteamGameServer_Init failed)

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Build: 437061

Trying to run identical cluster on either Linux or Mac, the Mac dedicated server reports SteamGameServer_Init error, and is not seen in the Online (not LAN) lobby by me (a friend with Win32 build reports he can see it, no idea how that's possible - maybe cached?)

Servers were not executed concurrently. Apps were in both cases installed by steamcmd, rather than the graphical client (the Linux machine is headless).

Possibly of note:

  • The Mac is also used with the proper steam client (not sure if the appdata collides between that and steamcmd).
  • Previously I had the dedicated server app installed on another mac where it WAS installed via the steam client (along with regular DST client). The issue still occurred, and notably, the Steam client was unaware of the dedicated server app running - the play time recorded is minuscule and last time of execution is 2 months ago, when I tried to launch it from the Steam client to see what happens.
$ grep -i gameserver /tmp/server_log-*.txt
/tmp/server_log-linux.txt:[00:00:55]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27020)
/tmp/server_log-linux.txt:[00:00:55]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init success
/tmp/server_log-linux.txt:[00:00:58]: Gameserver logged on to Steam, assigned identity steamid:90139827958512644
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27020)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27021)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27022)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27023)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27024)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27025)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27026)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27027)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27028)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Steam] SteamGameServer_Init(8770, 11000, 27029)
/tmp/server_log-mac.txt:[00:01:12]: [Warning] SteamGameServer_Init failed


Steps to Reproduce

Run a dedicated server on a Mac. Try and find the created server in a lobby while logged in as the server's token's owner.

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