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low end pc issues with waterlogged biome

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i got an older pc and i noticed it is laggy as hell in the waterlogged biome. as soon as the leafy canopy drops down and starts to have movement graphics the pc struggles to do even basic stuff like paddle properly. if possible PLEASE add an option to freeze the canopy leaves movement in the menu. i think it may cut down on the lag or frames or whatever the hell the issue is that causes the pc to get so sluggish in the waterlogged biome only. nowhere else does this happen to me.

Steps to Reproduce

All i did was paddle in range of the waterlogged biome and once the leafy canopy came down pc performance dropped by like it seemed a 3rd.

It got worse the closer to the main tree i got and also if more spiders were present. 

When i left the waterlogged biome the game ran smoothly again once the leafy canopy went back up and disappeared.

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