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Losing smallbird ownership

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Not sure if it's a bug or just a really poorly thought-through feature but it's making it even more annoying to raise smallbirds. When smallbirds hatch, the nearest player is set as leader and they follow that player. When that player despawns (such as disconnecting from the server, even briefly), it looks like they begin following whoever else is closest (often whoever's hosting the server since they're the first to spawn during a session) and this does not reset.

Obviously this takes 100% of the fun out of it. When I spend three days hatching smallbird eggs, I sign up for the ensuing 20ish days of keeping them safe. Other people on the server with me did not sign up for that.

Proposed fix: Have the birds either despawn with their owner (as Critters do) or revert to following the player they followed first if that player is nearby.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Hatch Tallbird egg so that Smallbird follows you, on a server where you're not hosting

2. Disconnect while another player is nearby

3. Reconnect

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