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Linux font troubles

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Hello, dear Klei developers and community.

Hope you are doing good.

I'm having issues with the font in game lobby and in game (russian one). It's like some symbols are behind the font.
Running 18.04 Ubuntu and DST Steam version. More in lshw output file in attachment zipper file.

You can find a screeshot in my steam cloud here:
Thats ingame reading sign with russian font. It's not really readable.

Please check the following screenshots:
after a space i already get funked up font
and after sending it's still funked up

I have no ther languages except english and (for some reason) simplified chinese.
Chinese is looks funked too here.

Related issues:

Hope that someone would help me with this. Could provide any additional information on request.

P.S. getting game closing after world generation and connecting to it also. Maybe someone can find the reason in logs while watching.
I'll report another bug for this if there's any interested.

Thank you.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

For test screenshots (not from game with sign) runned without mods and after verifing game files via Steam.

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Problem was solved by installing mod "Rusification Pack for DST" that includes russian font.

I wish I don't need to install language mods as I like english version of the game and game's default font.

Ticket can be closed.

Thank you

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This issue should now be properly resolved in the hotfix that went out yesterday (445609). Sorry for the long wait.
Changed Status to Fixed

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Hello, Klei entertainment.

I met same problem in Don't Starve (not Together) Linux version 429041 which I got from GOG.
Is there a new version which fixed this problem?
If so, I want to get the new version from GOG.



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