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Lazy Explorer/Walking Cane skins bug + server disconnection with a mod

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When using a Clean Sweeper on the Lazy Explorer, the wooden handle is reskinned with a handle from the Walking Cane (the ones which the player owns). In the screenshots below you can see the orange gem on the top of the staff remains but the handle is using the Walking Cane skins.

If this is done with the "Achievements and Level System" server mod enabled it disconnects the server back to the main screen menu (crashes without any errors).

I have included the client_log file but as there is no crash error message when the server disconnects I am unsure if this will help. 

All mods were disabled (apart from the server mod mentioned above) but remained installed.




Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a server. (I used Endless mode, friends only, player limit 2. i'm not sure if these server changes matter)

2. Give yourself a Clean Sweeper and Lazy Explorer with the spawn commands.

3. Drop the Lazy Explorer on the ground, equip the Clean Sweeper and right-click on the Lazy Explorer to change its skin.

4. Repeatedly change the Lazy Explorers skin to cycle through more available skins and it will also select the same handle skins from the Walking Cane.

5. [Bonus Step] - Download and enable the "Achievements and Level System" server mod and repeat steps 1-4 to disconnect the server (crash without errors).



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