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Klaus drop doesn't change

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We have activated Winter's Feast, Hollowed Nights and Year of the Carrat events. We were fighting Klaus every season to realize later, that we are getting the same drop every single time. We decided to test it and did a couple of rollbacks with the same result. We have waited for another season for another sack to spawn and got exactly the same drop. Is there anyway to fix it?

I can add that we started that world on beta on dedicated server, and moved it to official version of the game after beta was closed. Steam, PC.


Steps to Reproduce

No other than mentioned above.

User Feedback

Rolling back to change Klaus' loot had been patched a long time ago.

Is the loot the same for every fresh spawn (i.e. kills where you don't rollback)?

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Thanks for answering! It does not change, this is so weird! It is a fresh Klaus spawn.

Before the latest update we were getting different loot all the time on a newly/seasonal Klaus spawn or with a rollback.

One thing we didn't test yet was creating a new world to see if that will happen again. (We don't get much time to play anymore, that's whybI decided to write on the forum, hoping there's some simple explanation)

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