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Kitcoons gone if switch events

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I completed the YotCC activities BUT the last one, with the ninth kitcoon, because I didn't know about it. (So I basically just found the kitcoons and left them in a pen.

I wanted to play other events, so I switched events to YotV, YotC and YotB. Then I learned about the "send home" thing and switched again the events to YotCC. Now all the kictoons are back in their original hiding spots.

Steps to Reproduce

Complete the YotCC activities

Switch to another event (in my case I played the YotV, YotC and YotB)

Switch back to YotCC

User Feedback

 I remember they said it's intended. Kitcoons will not go away if you turn on other events, but they will hide again when you re-enable the Year of Catcoon.

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