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itens on krampus sack dissapeared

dois raios
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Playing on Carrot Bunch (endless) - South America - Public Server, Put my krampus sack on the ground to fight celestial champion and when the fight ended, there was nothing in my sack, however, there were 7 time pieces and 3 hopes on the ground (not sure if i dropped it before the fight or if they were on the sack, but that itens are mine), there were only one more person on the server, bu he wasnt in the lunar island, so it was not stolen.

how can i give more information about this bug?

Steps to Reproduce

put krampus sack on ground

get it back and there is no itens in.

User Feedback

Meteors remove items from inside the backpack and later another one can destroy the items on the ground, possibly that's what happened. It's probably not a bug.

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