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Items don't go into Warly's chef pouch

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Items picked up off the ground won't go into Warly's chef pouch even if your inventory is full. The game just completely ignores it and items that usually stack won't even go into their stack they will just create an entirely new one. There's a chance this is because I had the extra amulet and armor slot mod installed and I equipped an extra backpack with it while I was already wearing a chef pouch but I'm not sure.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Download "Extra Equip Slots" mod

2. Equip Chef pouch, then equip a backpack into the extra slot

3. Unequip backpack

4. Put a stackable item into the chef pouch then pick up another item of the same kind to see if it goes into the chef pouch

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Steps to Reproduce

1. Download "Extra Equip Slots" mod

If you need to use mods to reproduce that bug, then it's most likely the mod's fault.

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