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Items disappeared from inventory

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Dear Klei,
some items of my inventory went missing and I did not sell those on the steam market.
I had to re-craft some emoticons and profile icons today. And my Triumphant Wigfrid skin is not selectable anymore. I used it in servers before and didn't sell it or offer it on the steam market. Not sure how much else is missing, but I am 100% certain about the triumphant Wigfrid and I also already had those darn 450 spools winter profile icons...
Also as I am writing this, stuff disappeared from my profile icons, portrait frames and emoticons again!!!! I had 180/180 after I recrafted the missing icons. Some relogs later the score is back to 173/180. What the ... is happening here??? My Emotes are down to 12/14 from 14/14 as well.... Holy ****!

Is there a limit of inventory items the client/steam/kleiaccount is able to load and show as your possession?
My steam inventory somehow stagnates at a count of 3123 DST items although I am crafting and buying more than I am selling each day so I am worried that items I should rightfully possess were somehow dropped from my inventory.

You have to investigate this issue for me please.

Best regards

Steps to Reproduce
No clue. Things keep on going missing. Maybe I'm hoarding too many things for the steam market?

User Feedback

On 26.2.2020 at 9:28 PM, PhoeniX19922 said:

maybe somebody loged from your Computer and turned those items into spools

I got a reply from a dev that the result for the database query of your DST Steam inventory is limited to something a bit above 3000 items.

If you happen to have more items they will not be lost but some items will be missing in the query result and therefore not appear in your Steam inventory or game client.

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