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Item Collection Download Failed

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I am trying to get into my Item Collection, but each time I try it says; "Item Collection Download Failed." Im not sure what I can do, and by now I feel i've been scammed for my money (I bought packs before Bolts came out.) 


Steps to Reproduce
When I was in the shop seeing the Bolts, I clicked to one to see if I was interested in buying, when I tried it said "Purchase failed." Even though I didnt want to buy it and then it wouldn't download my Item Collection.

User Feedback

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this. You are playing Don't Starve Together on Xbox One I presume? We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating with Microsoft. In the meantime, would you be able to contact us directly on our live support and include the following information with your support email?

1) Your Region or country

2) Your Klei User ID (KU ID) - You can get that online here: https://accounts.klei.com/login and the ID looks like this: “KU_xXxXxxxxX”. (send us a screenshot or picture)

3) If on Xbox One - did you purchase the bolts from within the in-game shop on your Xbox One, or did you purchase it from the Microsoft Xbox Store from a web browser?

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